Weekly Workout Report: June 24 - 30

June is done and so is my running during this pregnancy! I tried one more run this week after last Sunday’s was cut short due to some hip pain and I had the same pain. Luckily, even though running is out, I’ve got other ways to get my cardio in that still feel comfortable. Let’s get into it!

Monday, June 24

I wasn't feeling up for strength training today, I was tired and knew my form would be sloppy. So instead, I got in a longer cardio workout walking some rolling hills and switching up the speed. 

Came out of my workout feeling much better than I did going in!

Tuesday, June 25

1.5 miles ~ 17:56 ~ 11:54 min/mile

And with that, my last run until after I recover from giving birth. I had the same ligament pain come up as Sunday's run so I know it's my body telling me running isn't going to work anymore.

I'm hoping to get my sweat on with the spin bike to get a sweat on instead of my runs and keep up with my strength training!

Wednesday, June 26

A quick full body strength training session and an easy 25 minutes on the bike, both which felt great! After having to cut out running due to pain, it feels great to know I have a variety of things to replace it with.

Thursday, June 27

Replaced my usual Thursday run with a spin bike workout. I alternated between a resistance of 5 for 5 minutes and 15 for 10 minutes until I hit 35 minutes total. Worked my legs in a much different way than running and I got a good sweat on!

Friday, June 28

Early morning yoga session before I started my last day in my current position. The gentle movement was much needed as I'm feeling really stiff today.

Saturday, June 29

45 minutes of walking hill intervals today to get my sweat on! Just over 2.25 miles to start out the day, now to shower and nap before our baby shower.

Sunday, June 30

45 minutes doing intervals on the elliptical this morning which left me drenched in sweat! Missing running but this was a great substitute for a run. Especially since we spent the rest of the day in a childbirth prep class (which did include some movement as we learned about different positions to manage pain during labor).

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