What I Eat in a Day: Third Trimester Eats

Less than four weeks away from due date and I can tell that my eating has changed! I’m getting cravings, I’m eating more often and I’m also trying to still get in some vegetables with all of my sweet cravings. Let’s take a look at what I ate for different meals this past weekend.


Oatmeal is still my go-to for breakfast (and I’m planning on prepping some oatmeal I can freeze and have on hand for those first weeks back home) but I’ve been pretty set on two different flavors recently. Either Golden Milk Oatmeal or PB&J (which is just frozen berries and peanut butter). This past weekend I had both since I ran out of shredded carrots for Sunday’s oatmeal (and peanut butter was sounding really good that morning).



During the work week, I rely on leftovers for my lunches but on the weekends my go-to is a scrambled egg wrap. Lately, I’ve been really enjoying diced grape tomatoes in my scrambled eggs so I had those in both of my wraps this week. One was tomatoes, spinach, and half an avocado and the other was tomatoes, spinach, and mozzarella cheese. All wrapped up in a sun dried tomato wrap! Plus on the side I had sweet potato chips because I saw them while grocery shopping and needed them.


We had dinner at home Saturday night (Mike made a delicious shrimp fried rice) and Sunday we ate out after our newborn care class. We ate at ShakeShack and the burger and fries really hit the spot for me. Especially since I was so hungry after our newborn care class, I was really glad we decided to eat around there rather than drive home and cook something.



I’m snacking at least three times a day now (sometimes four during the work week if I decide to break up a snack or my lunch into two parts). Larabars have been my on the go snack these past couple of weeks since they are easy to eat and I can buy a couple of different flavors at a time (which 99% of the time have included chocolate of some type).

I’ve also been loving Yasso greek yogurt bars as my nighttime snack ever since it got super hot here. Even with the AC turned up, I have so much extra heat going on that it’s nice to cool down at night. Plus, again, another opportunity for something sweet!