Weekly Workout Report: July 8-14

I’m in the final countdown of this pregnancy, less than four weeks to my due date now! And I’m starting to feel more achiness and tiredness (along with my energy surges). Let’s get into this week of workouts!

Monday, July 8

Three rounds of kettlebell exercises plus a mile walking on the indoor track. Having to do some slight modifications to kettlebell movements with how big the bump has gotten in the last month but still feeling good!

Tuesday, July 9

Elliptical after work today, an easier workout on the rolling hills setting!

Wednesday, July 10

I was just exhausted on Wednesday, no energy at all by the time I got home so instead of working out I took a nap. I also didn’t go to my usual knitting group so that I could just chill at home and not go anywhere. 

Thursday, July 11

I took a complete rest day yesterday so I can get a nap in and I was feeling so much better today! A sweaty 30 minutes on the elliptical doing a single hill workout 💪

Friday, July 12

Summer hours meant I could get in a quick elliptical workout and a nap after work!

Saturday, July 13

40 minutes of walking hills on the treadmill (with Mike running on another one). Baby boy has dropped which makes it easier to breathe but causes some other issues...

Sunday, July 14


Early morning workout at the J, I got there a little after 7 and did 50 minutes of a mountain climb simulation. Mike had a 6am tee time so I met him after for an early omlette lunch!

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