Fitness in the Third Trimester

My fitness has changed a ton in the third trimester and I’ve had to make a ton of adjustments to accommodate how I’m feeling and what feels good.

Of course, the biggest change is that I stopped running at 34 weeks. I still miss it so much but it got to the point where running was painful based on where baby boy’s head was. Right along my hip. I was really hoping to be running (even if it was just a mile here or there) up to delivery but now I’m finding other ways to simulate what a run felt like without the pain.

I thought at first using the spin bike would be my choice but it’s ended up being the elliptical! Specifically the single hill workout on the elliptical at my apartment gym. My heart rate gets up to the same level as a run would and I get to challenge myself with the resistance. But with it being lower impact (and that baby boy has shifted more), I don’t get the ligament pain.

Outside of replacing my runs with elliptical workouts, the other workouts I do every week include:

Most of these keep my heart rate at a lower level (except for the kettlebell circuit) but it provides me with some extra movement throughout the week. I’m still averaging around 13,000-14,000 steps a day with my workouts even though it’s getting hotter outside and I’m not taking as long of walks.

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