Weekly Workout Report: July 15-21

A busy week and a hot one with feels-like temperatures reaching above 100 a couple of days. I took one complete rest day and one semi-rest day (just did a stretching session but otherwise had some great, hard workouts which mean I’ll probably be taking it easier next week. Let’s get into it!

Monday, July 15

Still going strong at 37 weeks! Grabbed a heavier kettlebell by accident so I only did 2.5 circuits of my workout and then walked on the treadmill for 20 minutes of interval inclines.

Even with the AC, it was hot in the gym which didn't help either. Feels like temperature outside was over 100!

Tuesday, July 16


Elliptical workout today! I'm finding that the single hill workout is a great substitute for running in terms of getting my heart rate up with less impact.

Wednesday, July 17


Spent the afternoon at the Twins game for my work (we left after the sixth inning because I was just way too hot and uncomfortable) so no workout this day. Just walking, napping and knitting group.

Thursday, July 18

Another elliptical workout today, took it a little bit easier after being out in the heat yesterday for the Twin's game.

Friday, July 19

Another day where it felt like 100+ degrees outside and a short work day (thank goodness for summer hours). I did some grocery shopping and took Vinnie on a quick walk when I got home (neither of us wanted to go very far). Then we finished putting things away in the nursery and I did a 20-minute elliptical workout when Mike got home.

Saturday, July 20

Some stretching followed by hip circles on the ball today after driving up to St. Cloud and back (with a nap in the car).

Sunday, July 21

Early morning elliptical workout so I could get a nap in before the Twins game! Plus a little solo walk after because it felt so nice outside.

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