Baby Boy's Nursery


Since we are living in an apartment, I thought it would be fun to show off our nursery and how we are storing all of the baby things! He will be sleeping in our bedroom when we first bring him home but I’m sure we’ll get lots of use out of the nursery right away. Especially since our apartment is only 900 sq. ft. so the only space to store baby-related things was in the second bedroom turned nursery.

The first big task was getting everything cleared out of the second bedroom which was no easy task. I didn’t take a photo before it was cleared out but it was packed with stuff. Including a queen-sized bed, our camping gear and all our Christmas decorations. Luckily, my parents came down with a trailer to help us get everything out and my in-laws were able to store everything in their basement. Vinnie was very excited to have a totally cleared room for himself (since it’s also where he’s kenneled up when we leave without him).


It took us a couple of stages to get the furniture set up (everything is from IKEA which I loved because it’s not super expensive plus we could see the pieces set up in person), start putting items away, get more baby items between the shower, Target and Amazon orders, and get all those things put away. It took us two months between clearing out the bedroom and putting the final items away. And part of that also meant clearing off the shelves in our furnace room so we’d have storage space for the diapers and wipes and we got at our shower.

I absolutely love the space now that it’s all set up! It felt so good to put away the last of the washed clothes and put the final touches on the nursery. We never really used this room except for storage/dog kenneling so it is strange that it’s set up as a useable space. Plus the amount of light that comes in is so nice right now. I can’t wait to be rocking him in the chair during the day.

Now all that’s missing is a little baby who will make an appearance sometime in the next couple of weeks!