July Favorites

Another month is almost done so let’s get into some favorites from this month! We’ve been super busy as I get closer to my due date (especially since he could come any time now) so this will be a quick one.



One of my favorite parts of where I work is that the neighborhood has some gorgeous gardens. And this month, all the lillies are blooming! They are one of my favorite flowers and there are so many different colors of them out on my walk.

Elliptical workouts

I thought for sure that the spin bike would be my running replacement but I’ve really been enjoying the elliptical a lot more. For one, it’s more convenient since the bike at my apartment gym is comfortable. I also can get in a quick workout and use the resistance to get my heart rate up instead of the longer workouts I prefer to do on the bike.

Twins Baseball


We went to our third and fourth Twins games of the season (both in the same week)! We didn’t stay all the way through either of them but it was lots of fun. And Mike is confident he’ll be watching some playoff games at home with the baby (well, he says the Twins will be in World Series this year) and we’re all set with Twins onsies in 0-3 month sizes.

Peanut butter

Peanut butter has been my craving this month, so good! PB&J oatmeal, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups or just straight out of the jar. Mike even found the Peanut Butter Lover and Chocolate Lover versions of peanut butter cups and bought one of each for me.