Weekly Workout Report: July 22-28

This week was less intense than last week’s for workouts and I took another complete rest day which felt amazing. Let’s get into it!

Monday, July 22


Walked some rolling hills on the treadmill today, skipped the weights since I've been having more pelvic pressure. Welcome to 38 weeks pregnant I guess! 😂

Tuesday, July 23

Another quick and sweaty elliptical workout! 20 minutes on level 3 for the single hill workout followed by some bodyweight squats and stretching.

Wednesday, July 24


Complete rest day, still got in my 10,000+ steps plus a nap after work! Which helped me stay awake through knitting group tonight (plus I had a delicious sparkling peach black tea).

Thursday, July 25

An easier elliptical workout today followed by a lot of stretching! Just trying to keep on moving at this point, no matter what form that takes. 

Friday, July 26


Yoga and hip circles on the ball to stretch out after a long day at work. Looking forward to a weekend of relaxing, no big plans at all!

Saturday, July 27

Almost 2 miles of walking hill intervals at the gym this morning followed by stretching. I've been up since 4:15 am and between walking Vinnie, the gym and grocery shopping, I have over 12,000 steps in.

Time for a nap!

Sunday, July 28


40 minutes walking on the treadmill while Mike ran! No hill intervals this time but I upped the speed for most of it to 3.5mph and got in almost 2.5 miles.

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