June Fitness in Review

Another month down and my workouts are starting to slow down a little as I’m about five weeks away from delivery now! The biggest change was that I had my last run for about the next three months so I’m instead finding out ways to keep active and comfortable. Let’s get into it!

I could tell as June went out that my running was going to be coming to an end soon. My pace was getting a lot slower and it was wearing me out more than before. Especially after my weekend runs when I wouldn’t have the energy to do both weights and cardio on Monday like I used to. 

But in the end, it just wasn’t comfortable to run anymore. Baby boy is moving into position to be born and that means his head is right up against my round ligaments which was causing pain on that side. Luckily, the pain is only happening when I run so I have lots of other options for working out! And, at least after my first week of not running, it means that I don’t feel as exhausted the next day. 

So what have I been doing instead of running? Intervals on the spin bike or the elliptical have been getting my heart rate up as running did but without the same impact as running. So I’ve been doing a pyramid workout on the elliptical (mimicking going up and down a hill with resistance) or switching between sitting and standing on the spin bike. Plus I’ve been doing some easy spin bike rides, treadmill walking and strength training a couple of times a week to get a workout in while letting my body recover from my harder workouts.

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