Welcome Oliver!

Dog over

It’s been a busy August over here, our little boy Oliver decided he’d be an early baby and was born on August 2nd. Three days before his due date and I was sure he’d stay in there longer! 

But he was determined to come into this world early and fast. I started getting contractions (while at work) at 10 a.m. that day, Mike and I both came home at noon and by 3 p.m. it was time to head to the hospital. Then by 6 p.m., I had a screaming little boy with a head of dark hair on my chest. It was the most surreal experience ever.

We went home Sunday afternoon and have been figuring out how parenting works since then. It’s been a little bit of bumpy ride since Oliver wasn’t putting on enough weight but supplementation feedings have helped him a ton. He should be over his birth weight by the three week mark now and he’s been more energetic (while nursing or just hanging out).

I’m doing great too (minus the broken sleep), I felt like I had a pretty great recovery which is probably because I kept myself pretty low-key while in the hospital and mostly stayed in the bed or sitting on the couch. The post-birth drop in hormones was rough in combination with the stress of having a newborn that wasn’t gaining weight but starting at 10 days post-partum I’m feeling so much better emotionally.

Everyday, I’m getting out on a walk with Vinnie plus we usually take Oliver out and about (either to an appointment, the store or just on a walk) and it’s great getting movement in. I’m ready to get back to workouts after my six week appointment, especially running.

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