September Goals

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It’s September and we’ve made it through the first month of parenthood! Let’s get into some of my goals for the month as we head into fall.

Take a walk every day with Oliver

One thing I found out in August is that getting outside and moving did wonderful things for my mental state. And it’s perfect weather to take Oliver out for a walk in the morning (along with Vinnie) so we all get out of the apartment at least once a day.

Read three books

I’ve been listening to audiobooks during Oliver’s nighttime nursing sessions (which gets me through an audiobook in about a week) so I’m hoping to keep up my three books a month goal. I’m already almost done with one book that I started in August and I got a copy of Ruth Ware’s newest book to start next. 

Ease back into working out

I have my six week appointment in mid-September and I’m so excited to get back to working out. I’m not sure when I’ll get back to our gym since Mike goes back to work around that point too but I have the apartment gym and running to ease back into! We’ll be walking the Turkey Day 5K Minneapolis but it will still be a great incentive to get my strength training in because pushing the stroller takes a lot of strength!

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