September Faves

We are in fall now and my maternity leave is going by fast! I have a month left now so let’s into some of my favorite things from September.

Baby smiles

Oliver started smiling at us in the last couple of weeks and it’s really my favorite thing in the world right now. I get big smiles when I get him up for the day and he even smiles while he plays in the activity gym. His entire face lights up and it’s too adorable (and hilarious when he smiles after farting).

IMG_20190924_090239 (1).jpg

Morning walks

A part of my morning routine now that I’m on leave is taking Oliver and Vinnie on a long walk every morning. Oliver gets in a couple of naps and both Vinnie and I get some energy out. And now the leaves are starting to change colors and I’m looking forward to the fall colors.

Getting back into running

Even though it’s been tough getting back into running, I’m loving every single time I get to run. It’s so freeing to run and it also gives me a chance to decompress after being with Oliver all day long.

Mary Russell series

I started listening to this series in August and I”m loving it. I haven’t listened to the beginning of the series but it’s very easy just to jump in (I started with the latest book that has come out). I”m starting from earlier in the series but the library only has the more recent books in the series on audiobooks (which is the easiest way for me to read books right now).

September Faves 2019 Pinterest.png