Five tips for getting out the door and running in the morning

This week has been  hot in MInnesota and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to start cooling off a little. So I’ll be switching to some early morning runs next week to beat the heat! Today I want to share some of my tips for getting out the door for a run at 5 a.m.


Set multiple alarms (if needed)

I’m already used to waking up before 5 a.m. so I won’t be needing multiple alarms. But i might take a couple of alarms to wake you up if you aren’t used to it. Set multiple alarms and don’t hit that snooze button!

Put out clothes the night before

The last thing I want to try and do at 5 a.m. is grab clothes for a run. Setting them out the night before gives me one less thing to do in the morning and makes sure I’m not clashing (too badly).

Drink a glass of water before heading out

I won’t be eating before heading out on these runs but I’ll be having water before heading out. This helps me hydrate right away and gives me a moment to think and get motivated to run out the door.

Have a training calendar

I find it much easier to get out the door for a morning run if it’s something scheduled on my calendar. I won’t be training for a race after the Stillwater Half but I’ll still be putting a calendar together to keep me motivated.

Have breakfast waiting for you

I don’t like trying to eat before my 5 a.m. runs so I’m usually pretty hungry by the time I get home. Having something ready to make (or already made) when you get home helps you get food in quickly without stressing you out too much.

What gets you out the door? Share your tips in the comments!

Oatmeal Runner Reviews... Brooks Ghost 10

Oatmeal Runner Reviews... Brooks Ghost 10 Pinterest.jpg

I’ve told you why I love the Brooks Ghost 9s and I started running in the updated Ghost 10s a couple of months ago. After almost 200 miles of running in the Ghost 10s, I’m happy to report I love them!

Personally, I don’t feel a difference between the Ghost 9 and 10s. I did have a unused pair of Ghost 9s that I added into my shoe rotation about a month after the 10s and didn’t feel any different running in those. Both are very comfortable and felt great on my feet while I finished up marathon training. I didn’t feel any difference running in the two pairs or noticed I felt extra sore when I started out in the 10s.

There wasn’t a lot of changes that Brooks made from the 9s to the 10s which is why I can’t feel any big differences running in them. One of the big things that probably made them even more comfortable is that there’s two layers of of foam instead of one for the cushioning system. The first time I put on the 10s, I could tell there was more cushioning versus my old 9s but I thought it might have just been the fact that they were brand new shoes.

The 10s are still awesome for running in all sorts of weather, although I haven’t done too much running in the rain yet. But they felt great in the snow (no slipping!) and my feet don’t feel like they are getting super sweaty in the summer weather we are getting now.

Do you run in Brooks Ghosts? If not, what’s your go-to running shoes?


Training Tips Tuesday 20: Core Work and Runners

Training Tips Tuesday Core Work and Runners Pinterest.jpg

As I talked about in my training recap for last week, I’m adding a core-specific workout in at least once a week. I was doing this for most of my marathon training and switched to doing a core/arms workout during my cross-training as my mileage went higher. Now that my mileage is going back down (so that I have some more time where I’m not running), I really want to focus again on my core.

I found a huge difference in my running once I started working my core consistently and I want that to continue. If you already aren’t doing core exercises, the benefits for runners are amazing. I can tell it’s helped me run faster for longer by stabilizing my pelvis, reducing side to side motion and improving my stride. Plus since we’re hoping to expand our family in the future, having a strong core will help throughout pregnancy, delivery and beyond!

Of course, I’m going to recommend a couple of workouts from the NTC app. It’s my go-to for workouts and what I’ve been using for my cross-training workouts. Here’s some of my favorite core workouts:

  • Core Countdown

  • Super Twist Core Series

  • Quick Core Crush

What are some of your favorite core workouts? Share them in the comments!


Weekly Running Report - May 7-13

Back in the saddle again after the Eau Claire Marathon and getting ready for the Stillwater Half during Memorial Day weekend. So let’s get into it!

Weekly Running Report - May 7-13 Pinterest.jpg

Monday, May 7

We went on a nice walk before leaving Eau Claire which felt great for my legs. And when we got back home, I got in some time on the elliptical again and some foam rolling. My quads were still feeling sore but I was feeling excited about trying out a run on Tuesday!

Tuesday, May 8

3 miles ~ 32:08 ~ 10:40 min/mile


I got a massage Tuesday morning (which felt amazing) and went back into work. I made sure to get in a lot of movement during my workday to keep my muscles loose and my legs felt great by the end of the day. I did an easy run just to test out my legs and it felt awesome to run again. Finished off my day with a lot of foam rolling and stretching. Even though the run felt great, I still had some tight spots afterwards.

Wednesday, May 9

4.5 miles ~ 45:03 ~ 10:01 min/mile


Speedwork day and getting out for a tempo run for the first time in over a year! I did a 45 minute tempo run, split up into three sections:

  • 15 minutes warm-up

  • 20 minutes: speed up to 10K pace and hold it for two or three minutes (based on my 5K PR, that would be 8:56)

  • 10 minutes cool-down

Looking at my data, I feel like I did really great. My heart rate got up there and I pulled out a 9:04 mile right in the middle. After marathon training, my legs have really gotten some speed in them!

Thursday, May 10

5 miles ~ 52:07 ~ 10:25 min/mile


An easy run day to round out the work week! I ended up going too fast for the first three miles (my goal for easy paces for the next couple of weeks is a minimum of 10:50) but I managed to slow it down closer to that easy pace for the last two miles.

Friday, May 11


Rest day so after work I took Vinnie down to Crosby Farm Regional Park so we could walk around  in the woods. It’s so great getting out in nature and since it was grey and cloudy, there wasn’t a whole lot of people. When we got home, I didn’t feel up for a really intense yoga session so I opted for a 10 minute Yoga for Self Care video. It was the perfect way to wind down after this week.

Saturday, May 12

5 miles ~ 48:14 ~ 9:38 min/mile


Back for a second day of speedwork! It felt good to kick the speed up again (although I was aiming for a 9:50 average pace). It was a little chilly outside but at least it’s not humid yet. After my run, I got in a 20 minute core workout from the NTC app. I’ve been slacking on doing a core-specific workout and I could tell it after this workout. Everything was burning (in a good way)!

Sunday, May 13

10 miles ~ 1:46:56 ~ 10:41 min/mile


Mike was going to join me on this run but his allergies were acting up so I ran solo around the lakes. I felt pretty good, except that my stomach started feeling off at mile ten so I cut my run a mile short. I also started out too fast for the first couple of miles but my legs felt really great throughout it.

How was your last week of running? Let me know in the comments!

What's my training like for the Stillwater Half?

What's my training like for the Stillwater Half_ Pinterest.jpg

Over Memorial Day weekend, I’m running my sixth half! And not only my six half, but I’ll be re-running my first half marathon. Back in 2015, I ran the Stillwater Half and got hooked on running. Now I’m heading back to get a new course PR (and maybe a half PR?).

But I also ran a marathon one week ago so how am I transitioning from running a marathon to getting ready for a half? It’s actually been a pretty easy (and great) transition so far.

I’m using the last three weeks of Hal Higdon’s Intermediate II Half Marathon plan to get me ready for the Stillwater Half. I mainly chose this plan because it has two days of speedwork a week (a tempo or interval run plus a pace run). I miss doing speedwork so much and it’s been feeling awesome to run fast. I did my first tempo run on Wednesday and it felt amazing to see a 9 minute mile pop up!

For my paces on the run, I’m using my 5K PR from the Valentine’s Day 5K to set my interval pace (an 8:30 pace) and my PR from the Lake Minnetonka Half for the pace runs (a 10:00 minute pace). It’s feeling really good to run faster paces but I’m also having to pull back on my easy run days.

I’ll be keeping my same cross-training and rest day routines as doing marathon training. Spin class and strength training on Mondays (although I’m going to try out some new workouts from the NTC app) and yoga on Fridays. I’m also looking forward to getting in some long walks with Vinnie on Fridays now that the weather is much better!

So, how long did it take me to get back into running after the marathon? Well, I only took off one day before I got back out to test running. Of course, if running wasn’t feeling good or if my legs felt really tight, I would have backed off and re-evaluated when I was going to start running again. But it felt awesome and the next day I even got in some speedwork. I’m because really careful with my post-run recovery to prevent any injuries.

Have you run two races in a month? Share your tips for making it work in the comments!