2018 Race Round Up

2018 was another big year of races for me! I ran 6 races altogether, including 3 PRs, plus I trained through the winter for my second marathon. Today’s a round up of all my races in 2018!

Valentine’s Day TC 5K Race Recap


Started off the year with a very cold 5K PR! It felt like sub-zero temps but I still managed to knock two minutes off my PR form 2016.

Hot Dash 10 Mile Race Recap

My longest race before the Eau Claire Marathon, which I used as a tune-up race to check on my pacing and fueling in a race.

Eau Claire Marathon Race Recap

After a tough winter training for the Eau Claire Marathon (including a blizzard the weekend of my last 20-mile run which meant I took it to the treadmill), I ended up getting a seven minute PR at my second marathon.

Stillwater Half Marathon Race Recap

My last race of the spring which turned out to much hotter than I excepted. This was my second time running the hills at Stillwater.

Highland Park Turkey Trot 5K Race Recap

My last PR of the year, a 24:32 finish time which meant I took 2 minutes off my PR from the Valentine’s Day TC 5K in February.

Reindeer Run 10K Race Recap

My last race of 2018, I was originally training for a 10K PR but ended up running it for fun!

How did your 2018 race season go? Let me know in the comments!

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Weekly Workout Report: December 3-9

The first full week of December is over and I also ran my last race of 2018! It wasn’t my best week as I’ve been pretty tired lately but I got back to spin class and got all my runs done outside (in the cold). Let’s get into it!

Monday, December 3


It felt so good to be back at spin class after taking last week off! Class was tough but I got in a good sweat after my strength training session.

Tuesday, December 4

3 miles ~ 28:30 ~ 9:29 min/mile

I had to bring out my headlamp for tonight's run since sunset is at 4:30! Pushed myself a little bit harder on this run which I wasn't trying to do but my heart rate didn't get too high because of how cold it is.

Wednesday, December 5

3 miles ~ 29:54 ~ 9:56 min/mile


Another run in the snow after work and my last run until the Reindeer Run 10K. I'm super excited to get out and have fun at my last race of 2018!

Thursday, December 6

I was so exhausted by the time I got done with work, I only had the energy to get in some time on the elliptical. I tried getting in some bodyweight exercises but my form wasn’t great and I knew what my body needed was rest. So curling up in my blanket for the night was the plan!

Friday, December 7

Another vacation day so I got in a yoga class this morning! Trying to work out some stiffness before the Reindeer Run 10K tomorrow.

Saturday, December 8

6.2 miles ~ 1:00:28 ~ 9:44 min/mile

One last race of 2018! The Reindeer Run 10K was such a fun race even in the cold and I loved getting in one last race for the year. Check out the full race recap!

Sunday, December 9

5.5 miles ~ 53:58 ~ 9:47 min/mile

A nice, easy run after yesterday's race. The sun was out so even though it was cold, the run felt pretty good!

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Reindeer Run 10K Race Recap

I ran my last race of 2018 yesterday morning, the Reindeer Run 10K! It didn’t go as well as I hoped it would when I signed up back in October but I had a lot of fun closing out my 2018 race season.

I did not PR as was my plan when I signed up. My training was going great until we got past Thanksgiving and with the cold and darkness, I didn’t feel like doing speedwork like I was. Plus, I was up on and off the night before and wasn’t feeling 100% race morning. But I’m still impressed that I managed a 9:44 average pace for this race feeling pretty comfortable (and even getting a little bit warm on the second half).

IMG_20181208_094749-01 (1).jpg

It was about 17° at race start so I so glad Mike was able to drop me off right at the start (because they hadn’t closed down the road yet) and I didn’t have too long to wait before the start. I’ve gotten pretty good at layering for winter and also had thrown some hand warmers into my pocket just in case I needed them before or after the race. I ended up not even needing them!

I ran into a couple of great people before the race started too. One was Bruce who has been reading my blog for a while and one of the photos I took at Stillwater was actually him, his cousin and his daughter! It was nice to meet both him and his cousin and talk a little bit. ANd then I ran into my fellow Nuunbassador Jessica who was doing the Yukon Challenge (10K and 5K) with another Nuunbassador that I didn’t get a chance to run into.

20181208_075516 (1).jpg

One downside to this race was that, even though it took place on a closed road, it was just a single lane which made it really tough to get moving at the beginning. I feel like for the first couple of miles, I was doing a lot of dodging and weaving between slower runners and the fact that there were cars parked along one side of the road. I had placed myself right between the 9:00 and 10:00-minute pace signs (which was perfect based on my finish time) so it was a little annoying having the weave around people walking in the first two miles. Probably more because it was a narrower road than I’m used to with races.

The 10K was two loops around Lake Harriet but the first two miles seemed to take forever to get to the mile markers. It’s probably because I started right by the 3-mile marker and passed by another mile marker before getting to the 1-mile marker. But once I hit the 2-mile marker, I had gotten into a great groove with my running and my splits were pretty even.

The nice thing about doing a double loop course was that you really get an idea of where you are on the course for the second half. With this course, you can also see across the lake and get a pretty good idea of where you are that helps too. And they had water (that only had a little bit of extra ice in it) right before mile 3 which was great since I needed it both times I passed by.

I finished the race in just over an hour, 1 hour and 28 seconds! Which wasn’t what I was aiming for but I felt great out on the run and it was an awesome run to close out the year.

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What's my Reindeer Run 10K Playlist?

Today is the Reindeer Run 10K and I wanted to have some fun with my playlist. So of course, I pulled out all the Christmas music! And that means a bunch of songs from both the 1964 classic Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (the best Christmas movie no matter what my husband says) and Nightmare Before Christmas, along with a bunch of others. If you need some music for a December race or just want to listen to some Christmas music, check it out!

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