Three reasons I enjoy a beer after a hard run

After a hard run, there’s nothing better than drinking a beer (after I’ve had a glass of water and my protein smoothie). And while there are studies showing the health benefits of beer, it’s definitely something I do in moderation. Especially while marathon training.

Three reasons I enjoy a beer after a hard run Pinterest.jpg

Now you won’t see me out there running a beer mile anytime soon but here’s why I like to have a beer after a hard run.


Most of the time, I have a beer after my long run and enjoy it while soaking in an epsom salt bath. There’s nothing better than sitting in a hot bath with a cold beer. Since it takes me awhile to drink a beer and it’s a nice way to let my mind wander while reading a book or magazine. Plus the alcohol helps me get ready for a post-run nap.


One thing that’s been fun to do after a run is head to a brewery for a beer. Mike and I took Vinnie to a couple of breweries during my training for the Twin Cities Marathon (and have plans to visit some more before Eau Claire Marathon training is over) plus it was fun to have a beer after the Nuun ambassadors meetup.

Extra motivation

Yes, there have been runs where I think “once I get to the end, I get a beer.” It’s nice to have some immediate gratification for finishing a run than just knowing that it’s one step closer to meeting my race goal.

Do you have a beverage (alcoholic or not) post run? Share it in the comments!