Weekly Workout Report November 5-11

Minnesota is back into winter weather again. Even as it colder outside (and eventually we got snow), my runs and workouts still felt great. Plus I took a vacation day and had an awesome yoga class. Let’s get into it!

Monday, November 5

Back to weights and spin class! It was a tough workout but it felt great to get back in the saddle again. Plus, I got to wear my new Nike Flex Trainers which are so cute and comfortable!

Tuesday, November 6

3.34 miles ~ 30:03 ~ 9 min/mile


Even with the cold, wind and snow, I had an awesome tempo run today! 9 minute average pace with my build-up section at an 8:33 pace, right around my 5K pace.

I'm feeling so good about the Reindeer Run 10K in December!

Wednesday, November 7

3 miles ~ 27:55 ~ 9:17 min/mile


I don't know if it's the colder weather, that I'm getting stronger or a combination of things but this was an awesome run! Averaged a 9:17 pace and it barely felt like I was pushing myself. I can't wait to crush a 10K PR in December!

Thursday, November 8

Cross training day today and I'm feeling so strong from these twice a week strength training sessions. My back is really getting tight from it so I'm working on using a tennis ball to target the tight spots every night.

Friday is a rest day and a vacation day, I'm so excited to get in a morning yoga class at the gym!

Friday, November 9

I took a vacation day today (since I have a week of vacation days that won't roll over) so it's been a low key day. Slept 9.5 hours (we were worn out and went to bed about 8:30), took Vinnie on a walk in the snow and headed for a morning yoga class!

I haven't gone to a yoga class since this summer and it felt so good! I've been mainly doing shorter yoga videos at home and it felt great to get in a full hour. Plus it really helped stretch out my back and shoulders.

Saturday, November 10

5 miles ~46:43 ~ 9:20 min/mile

Great feeling run this morning in 15 degree weather! I felt completely comfortable and just run what felt good. So not even splits but I don't have a problem with that.

Sunday, November 11

10 miles ~ 1:39:00 ~9:53 min/mile


Awesome feeling long run this morning! The snow made it a little tricky at points but no falls and I got a double digit long run in again.

This week was a great training wise, but at the end of it I’m feeling so worn out. I’m sure part of it is because we dog-watchted for my in-laws over the weekend and I didn’t sleep that great at their house, but I know I need to be working more on recovery. I’ve been getting in tons of sleep but my foam rolling and mobility has been so-so (as I could tell when I got my massage). So hopefully this next week continues to go well and I don’t see an effect on how I’m feeling right now!

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November Goals

We’re coming up on a new month and this will be where the bulk of my 10K training is since the Reindeer Run is on December 8th! So my goals are going to be focusing around that race training along with self care.

  • Pace runs: I have two pace runs in November (with a third on December 1 so it’s basically in November) and my goal is to keep to my 8:50 goal pace. No going crazy fast like I did for my first pace run because I want to dial in what it feels like to run at my goal pace. Plus I’m hoping to run at Lake Harriet for these runs since it’s the flat course I’ll be racing on.

  • Get in a third core session in on a non-cross training day

  • Focus on hip opening stretches after runs

  • Sleep in on the weekends

  • Continue my nightly meditation practice

What are you goals for November? Share them in the comments!

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My Four Favorite Plank Variations

Planks are my favorite way to work my core because of how many variations there are! I can easily do a core workout of just planks and not get bored because it’s so easy to mix it up. Plus, I don’t feel same tension I get from doing too many crunch-like moves. Here’s four of my favorite plank variations that you can use to strengthen your core too!

High to Low Plank


Start in a high plank position so that your hands are right underneath your shoulders. Bend your right arm from the elbow and lowering it on the ground so that you can lean on your right forearm, then do the same with your left arm.

Then push your body up with the right arm and then with the left arm to finish on a high plank position again. Try not to rest in one position and be continuously moving from high to low plank.

Plank Wraps


Start in side plank with arm extended directly under shoulder and legs out straight. Wrap top arm underneath body rotating hips down. Open back up to arm facing the sky then repeat for 30-60 seconds. Switch sides and repeat full exercise.

Plank Saws

Start in a forearm plank position. Lift your hips slightly and shift shoulders backwards. Then shift forward to bring your chest almost to the ground. Push back up and continue moving back and forth for 30-60 seconds.

Side Plank Knee to Elbow


Start in a side plank on your left forearm with your right arm extended overhead. Bring your right knee toward your right elbow in a crunch. Return to start and continue for 30-60 seconds. Repeat on your opposite side.

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Weekly Workout Report: October 15-21

Getting close to finishing out October already and I started switching up my training for the Reindeer Run 10K on December 8! I’m so excited to be training for a PR again and could tell enthusiasm for running picked up again after signing up for the race. I love running but training for a PR just gives me a goal to aim for. So let’s get into this week's workouts!

Monday, October 15


Weights and spin class today, pushing it hard felt really good. I’m really enjoying the Triple Threat workout on the NTC app because it really gets my heart rate up since I’m doing three exercises back to back before getting in a short rest period. Plus I went a little bit heavier on the weights today!

Tuesday, October 16

3 miles ~ 26:00 ~ 8:38 min/mile

Intervals were a little bit uneven as I felt really good starting out and went faster than intended.My fast intervals were at about a 8:00 pace and my recovery was around a 9:00 pace.

By the time I got to the halfway point, my calves were tightening up and I knew I had to slow it down a little. Still felt good and I'm proud of that pace!

Wednesday, October 17

3 mile ~ 28:59 ~ 9:39 min/mile

A nice, easy run enjoying the fall weather. I went out too fast at first but corrected it in the end.

Thursday, October 18

Good thing I had some Nuun on hand for cross training today. Between it being almost 70 outside and how hard I worked (especially on the treadmill hill intervals at 15% incline), I needed something tasty with electrolytes!

Weights workout today was Better Basics from the Nike Training Club app and then 30 minutes of walking hill intervals. Felt great to up my weights just a little bit and it's going to be keep me strong and injury free as I prepare for the Reindeer Run 10K!

Friday, October 19

A nice relaxing rest day which meant lots of walks in the gorgeous weather and an upper body focused yoga session. My upper body was still pretty tight but doing this yoga video and some additional foam rolling really helped out.

Saturday, October 20

5 miles ~ 43:11 ~ 8:38 min/mile

Damn, it feels great to be training for a PR again! Today was a 10K pace run where I was aiming for 8:50-8:55....and I ran faster even with the strong winds. As I said in an earlier post, I’m trying to run my pace runs around Lake Harriet where the 10K is going to be held which is pretty flat (only 32.9 feet of elevation gain) so it felt easier to run this fast. Also, that pace is only 5 seconds off my 5K PR!


Looking at my splits, you can tell that I was getting tired in that last mile (which was also going right into the wind most of the time) and I need to work on getting my splits evened out a little bit more at this distance. AKA not going out so fast at first.

I also got in a five minute plank workout at the gym and a good foam rolling session after my run to help with my recovery.

Sunday, October 21

8 miles ~ 1:7:31 ~ 10:56 min/mile

After yesterday's hard pace run, I took my long run out to Afton State Park to have some fun! The uphills were tough, especially after yesterday's flat, fast miles but it felt great to get out there.

Weekly Effort Summary from Strava

My weekly effort was a little bit higher than last week’s and I can tell my workouts were harder this week, but I’m still in the steady progress range according to Strava. However, I can tell today (Sunday) that I’m feeling more sore than I have in the past. I’ve been trying to focus more on recovery after my runs by foam rolling, taking epsom salt soaks and wearing my compression socks. So hopefully that helps keep most the soreness away.

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