What does a rest day look like during marathon training?

When I was training for the Twin Cities Marathon, I did a couple of “what I eat in a day” posts. This time, I’m changing it up a little and showing you what different days of marathon training look like for me. And I’m starting it off with a rest day!

Rest days are so important to recovery, especially during marathon training. At this point, I’m running around 40 miles a week, plus cross-training, so my body needs a day of low activity and rest. If you’ve been reading my weekly training recaps, you’ll know that I have an active rest day and incorporate yoga into my training routine on Fridays.

I woke up to my alarm at 4:30 a.m., although I had woken up at 2 a.m. because of nightmare and had some trouble falling back asleep. Vinnie and I wake up about 30 minutes before Mike does during the work week so I can get everything done in the bathroom that I need to. So Vinnie heads on out to the couch and I get my hair and makeup done.

After I’m done with my hair and makeup, I get in my morning meditation. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I’m using the Calm app to mediate for five minutes every morning. It’s a great chance to prepare for the day and clear my head. Plus, the coffee starts going while I’m meditating and the house smells amazing. After I’m done meditating, I get Vinnie outside for a quick bathroom break.

Then I get started on making my breakfast and packing my lunch. I’ll usually pack leftovers for my lunch and if we’ve cooked the night before, I’ve already packed up a portion for lunch. But I always bring along a couple of snacks and additions to my main meal to fill out my calories for the day. I’ve found that it works better for my to eat a couple of snacks in addition to breakfast, lunch and dinner. I tend to get a bloated feeling if I have larger meals (especially since I’ve upped my carbs).

20180302_051954 (1).jpg

I also drink my first 20 oz of water before breakfast. Getting in water during the day is really important and I find it best to start the day out drinking water. Breakfast this morning was oatmeal with protein powder and frozen berries plus coffee with peanut butter cup creamer. Normally I don’t eat protein powder on my rest days but when I planned out my meals the night before I needed some more protein in. Since I wasn’t doing a protein shake (since it’s rest/light activity day), I knew I’d be fine with protein powder in my oatmeal. Otherwise I find having multiple servings of protein powder in a day can bother my stomach.

Mike’s up by the time I’m getting my breakfast started, so Vinnie and I always say good morning before he goes in the shower. By the time I’m finished with breakfast, Mike’s out of the shower so it works out perfectly. I get dressed (yay for Friday so I can wear jeans!) and brush my teeth while Mike drinks his coffee. And Vinnie continues to nap on the couch.

By about 6 a.m., I’m ready to take Vinnie out on a walk. Mike gets Vinnie’s stuff ready to go for the day (setting up the computer to play music so Vinnie doesn’t hear our neighbors and getting a Kong filled) while I’m taking him out for a walk. We usually go for about 20 minutes but once it gets warmer and lighter outside we’ll probably get closer to 30 minutes. I get home with Vinnie and am basically ready to head out to work once I get Vinnie kenneled up. As soon as I put my food for the day in my bag, Vinnie heads down to the bedroom and goes into his kennel. Because he has such a hard life.

20180302_112831 (1).jpg

My Fridays at work are pretty low-key. I do fundraising and manage our email communications so Fridays are mainly daily tasks and wrapping up items for the week. I ended up heading home at noon to finish off the work day because there was an almost constant grinding noise starting at 7 a.m. I had a phone meeting that I ended up having to grab a conference room for because I wouldn’t have been able to hear it over the noise at my desk. So I ate leftovers from the night before (Pork and Peanut Dragon Noodles from Budget Bytes) while finishing up a couple of things at work so I wouldn’t have to take my laptop home.

Once I got home, Vinnie and I got out on another walk and then I settled in for another couple of hours of work. It’s really nice to be able to work from home every once in awhile since I can do most of my work almost anywhere. Especially with the noise from the construction, I feel like I can concentrate a lot better and I’m more productive. I still make sure to get up and move around about every hour (whenever my Garmin tells me I haven’t moved) just to make sure I don’t get too sore. Of course, Vinnie napped while I worked because he leads a tough life.

20180302_141425 (1).jpg

Once I was done working, Vinnie and I took another long-ish walk and then it was time for some yoga! I got my prize package from the #RLYGlow challenge I completed in January and part of it was a free streaming subscription to some of their videos. I did their IT band and hips video which was forty minutes. And boy did I feel those poses! I’ve been trying to stretch and foam roll out those areas but these poses really got a little deeper into stretching those muscles.

20180302_154218 (1).jpg

Then it was time for dinner! My go-to solo dinner lately has been making some kind of breakfast food. Tonight, I made eggs-in-a-basket and heated up some leftover asparagus. I never enjoyed runny egg yolks before Mike and I moved in together but now I love them!

The plans for the rest of the night is pretty low-key with nothing too exciting. I’ve got to fold some towels that have been sitting in the dryer since Monday and wash dishes. Vinnie and I will get one more walk in before Mike gets home and I’m planning on soaking in the bath as well.