My daily healthy habits

I’ve been thinking lately about my daily habits and adding some new ones in. So I thought I’d do a quick post about them and what I do on a daily basis to live a healthier life!

Drinking 100 oz of water

I’ve been focusing on getting a minimum of 100oz of water (not counting tea or coffee) for the last month and I can tell the difference it’s made. My skin feels less dry than it usually does at this point in the year and I don’t feel like I’m getting foot cramps as often. Plus, I’m really cutting down on the pop I drink at work because I want to get that water in!

Knitting breaks

I try to use my lunch break at work to knit as a way to get away form work for a little bit and concentrate on something else. It’s a great mental break and gives me a chance to concentrate on something else. When it’s the weekend, I try to knit at night while we watch TV. All the projects I finish give me a sense of accomplishment even when I’ve had a crappy day otherwise!


Daily meditation is one of my newest habits. I’ve been using the Calm app for the last week and am really loving taking 10 or so minutes every morning to clear my mind for the day. I’m still working on when I meditate (I think the easiest plan would be right after waking up) but I’ve gotten it in every in every day. I’m thinking about adding in a night session too, since Calm has a 7 days of sleep practice.


Walking Vinnie

Every single morning, I take Vinnie on a walk (plus a walk later in the day after work and working out). It gets me outside and moving every morning for about 20 minutes, which I didn’t do before we got him, plus I get some bonding time with Vinnie. Of course, now that it’s going to be cold and dark outside it’s a little bit tougher to want to do this. But I know we’ll have a crazy dog if I cut his walk short!


Weighing In

Like I talked about in a previous post, I’m weighing in every morning now. I’m careful not to let what i see dictate how I feel about the day but it’s a good way to know what’s going on with my body day to day. I’m planning to keep this up during marathon training as well so I have another way to know if I’m not re-fueling properly.

Getting in 10,00 steps

Usually, I don’t have a problem getting in 10,000 steps because running really racks it up! But on rest days or cross-training, I make an effort to get in at least 10,000 steps so that I’m not just sitting all day long. It helps that my Polar M400 beeps every hour if I haven’t been active for at least five minutes. Walking Vinnie before and after work helps out with this, along with getting in a walk at work when the weather lets me.

What are some of your healthy habits? Let me know in the comments!