Weekly Workout Report October 29- November 4

A busy week to end October and start a new month! I’m definitely feeling the double speedwork week and am finishing off the week with some relaxation after my long run. Let’s get into it!

Monday, October 29

I was not feeling the greatest this morning but was feeling good enough by late afternoon to some light cardio and bodyweight exercises.

Tuesday, October 30

3 miles ~ 26:47 ~ 8:52 min/mile

I could have ran my 5K pace intervals a lot smarter. I let myself go out too fast in the first two miles and the last one was a slog. Hopefully my 10K pace run on Friday turns out better (and it will if I stick with my pace)!

Wednesday, October 31

3 miles ~ 30:21 ~ 10:06 min/mile


Nice, easy run to finish off October! Pacing felt a lot better although I was having some stomach issues towards the end. But I made it through without any problems!

Thursday, November 1

First workout of November is done! I had a late meeting this night so I worked out first thing and went into work later.

Back to my regular strength training with the Triple Threat workout on the NTC app and the stairmaster at LA Fitness. Seriously, 45 minutes on the stairmaster is a killer, it got my heart rate up there more than my usual elliptical workout!

Friday, November 2

5 miles ~ 44:01 ~ 8:47 min/mile

Normally I don't run on Fridays but Mike's participating in ExtraLife and I'm heading up to St. Cloud with Vinnie tomorrow. So I did my 10K pace run today instead!

I was worried about running at my 10K pace (8:50) since I haven't had a rest day and was running hard after a full day of work. But I pulled it with much better pacing this time (although I had to really pull myself through the last mile). Now to relax tonight, eat some food and get ready for a rest day tomorrow!

Saturday, November 3

Rest day for me but I didn’t feel like I got a whole bunch of rest in! Vinnie and I dropped off Mike so he could go play video games for 24 hours and we headed up to St. Cloud. Once we got up there, my mom and I took all three of the dogs a walk before we headed out shopping. And then it was back to the Cities for us. I did get to relax after dinner and finished off the with a pre-bedtime yoga flow which was so relaxing.

Sunday, November 4

8 miles ~ 1:20:04 ~ 10:04 min/mile

Cold and wet long run, I was glad to get out for this but I wasn't feeling that great at the end. I'm just not ready yet for winter running and this was a little (much wetter) taste of it. By the time I got done grocery shopping and did some foam rolling and stretching at home, I was done with working out. I tried getting in a core session but my body just wasn’t having it. So I showered and had some chocolate waffles with peanut butter and berries instead!

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Weekly Workout Report: October 22-28

A gorgeous week of running again as I finished off my second week of training for the Reindeer Run 10K. Just one speedwork run this week but I ran a double digit long run for the first time since July. Let’s get into it!

Monday, October 22

I love that my Monday weights session includes a lot of exercises that challenge my balance like single leg deadlifts. It feels so great when I can add on weights like I did today!

Plus spin class didn't feel as bad as I thought it would after the tough runs this weekend. I had the resistance down a little bit more and was able to put on a little bit of speed.

Tuesday, October 23

3.28 miles ~ 30:01 ~ 9:09 min/mile

Gorgeous fall day for a run but I just felt a little bit off on my tempo run. Averaged a 9:09 pace but my form felt off and hips tight. Hopefully some extra mobility work helps out!

Wednesday, October 24

3 miles ~ 29:00 ~ 9:39 min/mile

An easy three miles today, felt so much better than yesterday's tempo run! My hips felt looser than the day before and I could tell my running form was back to normal.

Thursday, October 25

One more sweaty cross training day of weights and treadmill hill intervals. I'm so ready for some food and thankfully Mike was just finishing up dinner as I got done!

Friday, October 26

Rest day and I was so worn out. After doing a quick vinyasa flow that felt great in coordinating my breathe with the movements, I worked on making a cheesecake to bring up to my parents’ the next day and took an epsom salt bath. Just what I needed on a rest day!

Saturday, October 27

5 miles ~ 51:15 ~ 10:14 min/mile

A nice, easy run on a foggy morning. Felt great and I got in some good mobility work in after!

Sunday, October 28

10 miles ~ 1:40:46 ~ 10:04 min/mile

A nice easy long run along the river and through the University of Minnesota campus. I haven't run double digits since July but it felt really good to just keep running!

Followed it up with a 10 minute core session and mobility work at the gym.

Weekly Effort Summary from Strava

My weekly effort was down from last week, not surprising since I only had one speedwork session and even though my long run was longer it didn’t have as much elevation change. After feeling the tightness in my hips Tuesday and being so worn out on Friday, I know I need to keep on focusing on my recovery and mobility work.

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Weekly Workout Report: October 8-14

I’m mixing up my workout schedule and also the title of this weekly post! Since I’m doing two strength training workouts each week, it only seems fair to change it from the weekly running report to weekly workout report. So let’s get into this week of starting a new workout schedule and also the first snowfall!

Monday, October 8

Weights and spin class felt so great this morning and I made sure to get in some good stretching after. I swear spin class is so much tougher when there are new people in class (or else the instructor isn't letting me slide when knows I can push a little bit anymore).

Tuesday, October 9

3.29 miles ~ 30:05 ~ 9:09 min/mile

A rainy tempo run but it was still faster than my last tempo run! I'm pretty sure the combination of cold and rain had something to do with my speed. I didn’t think that the rain looked too bad when I got home from work but it felt a lot colder than i expected.

Wednesday, October 10

3 miles ~ 30:07 ~ 10:01 min/mile

Drizzling run on sore legs (mostly my calves). Which has become a theme in the last month. So, I'm taking out my Thursday run and adding in a second strength training and easy cardio day instead! It’s also because I’ve been enjoying my strength training so much more lately and it’s just as enjoyable (or maybe a little bit more) as going out for an easy three miles.

Thursday, October 11

Best part of working from home is a lunchtime workout! I've switched out my Thursday easy run for a second strength training and easy cardio day which I loved doing today!

Strength training was Better Basics on the NTC app and cardio was a 30 minute hill interval session on the treadmill.

Friday, October 12

A quick yoga flow with a full body stretch session, followed by me playing around with boat pose. I used to struggle with this pose so much and had to always do the easy variations but now my core is strong enough that I can do a full boat pose (although I can’t hold it for long yet).

Saturday, October 13

5 miles~ 47:36 ~ 9:30 min/mile

I slept in this morning and it felt wonderful! But it also felt like I was running behind because I didn't get out for my run until 9. But it’s been awesome self care sleeping in and it’s just a tiny bit warmer running later in the morning.

Sunday, October 14

8 miles ~ 1:15:14 ~ 9:24 min/mile

It was like running in a snow globe this morning! Although I'm not ready for it to stick around, the snow and leaves made for some gorgeous scenery. And, in case you were wondering, yes I ran in shorts. It was about 32 and shorts plus a long sleeved shirt felt perfectly comfortable as soon as my legs started moving.

I also got in a five minute plank workout after my run, which makes it my third core workout this week because both of my strength training sessions include core sections. It’s getting easier to do all these plank variations as I feel my core getting stronger!

Weekly Effort Summary from Strava

Not surprisingly, my effort level was in the steady progress range which is perfect for building fitness without need extra recovery time. I was slightly lower than previous weeks, but that’s because I switched out a run day for a strength training and easy cardio day. Even though I’m working out pretty hard, it’s not working my cardio system as much as my muscular system so my heart rate isn’t high for an extended period of time. It will be exciting to see, as I get further into this new schedule, how my runs start to compare with some extra strength training behind them.

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Weekly Running Report: September 24-30

Finishing off September with strong workouts even after getting stitches in my finger. It was a busy week though and I took a full rest day on Friday (no yoga, just getting in my step goal) to let my body recover. Let’s get into it!

Monday, September 24

Great day of cross training today! Started off with a lower body focused bodyweight session and then finished with 30 minutes on the stairmaster (spin class was canceled). But I was itching to get out on a run since my finger was feeling great after getting the stitches put in.

Tuesday, September 25

3.25 miles ~ 30:07 ~ 9:15 min/mile

Back to running after getting stitches on Saturday! My tempo run felt amazing (hello 50s) and I had a faster pace than my last tempo run. Now to take care of my tight calves because they were making their presence more than obvious!

Wednesday, September 26

3 miles ~ 29:38 ~ 9:51 min/mile


A nice, easy feeling run at a sub-10 minute pace! I'm still amazed at how good these faster runs are feeling. My calves are still super tight though, hopefully they will loosen up again soon.

Thursday, September 27

3 miles ~ 29:25 ~ 9:47 min/mile

Bright colors and a speedy easy run on a cloudy day. At least I've got that going for me since I'm pretty sure I'm about to get my period. But this run felt a ton better than the last run I had right before getting my period. No sloppy form, no physical or mental fatigue.

Friday, September 28

I was feeling pretty exhausted after work so I took a nice bath and read with Vinnie in bed. No yoga but it felt really good just to relax and let my body calm down after a busy week.

Saturday, September 29

5 miles ~ 48:07 ~ 9:37 min/mile

A nice, easy run this afternoon. I had even splits (except for one faster downhill section) and it felt amazing running in this cool weather! I had gotten my hair done in the morning and didn’t want to run before when it was in the upper 30s. It was only in the upper 40s when I headed out but it was perfect.

Sunday, September 30

8 miles ~ 1:19:53 ~ 9:58 min/mile


An awesome long run to finish off September! After not getting in a long run last week, it felt so good to get out for over an hour. I also got in a quick core workout which I hadn’t done yet this week so it was challenging but I finished off strong.

Weekly Effort Summary from Strava

I kept my effort within the “steady progress” range, which means I’m building my fitness levels! I was at the upper range of this and could have easily gone into above my normal range, which would have increased my risk of injury or overtraining. But so far, everything is feeling good at these faster paces and it’s helping me to keep an eye on my pace during my non-speedwork runs to make sure I’m not pushing too fast.

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