Five Things About Cold Weather Running (That Makes Me Smile)

Five Things About Cold Weather Running (That Makes Me Smile)

Winter running can get tough, especially since the weather is so unpredictable in Minnesota. Last winter, we had cold temperatures and snow (including a mid-April blizzard) that made marathon training pretty interesting. But, so far this winter, we barely have any snow on the ground and we’ve had temperatures into the 40s for multiple days in a row. So today, instead of complaining about winter running, I wanted to share five things that I love about winter running!

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Training Tips Tuesday #50: Motivation for Winter Running

Now that I’m done with the 2018 racing season and I don’t have a race on the calendar for 2019, I’m finding it’s a little bit harder to get out on my runs. Especially my work week runs since it’s dark and cold so I’m finding myself on the treadmill for those runs. So today I’m sharing the tips I’m using to get motivated and get my runs in!

Being Flexible With Pace And Mileage

I’ve cut back my mileage and pace even more since I’m not training for a goal race anymore and am just running based on how I feel. Which lately has meant my longest run is either five or six miles. It’s hard to make the mental shift to seeing a lower weekly mileage but it helps me get in my weekend miles without having to hit an exact number.

Picking Out A Good Book Or Show

Since I’m on the treadmill for my work week runs, my go-to entertainment is Netflix. I just finished up watching Versailles and now I’ve started on Reign. Treadmill runs aren’t the only time I’ll watch this show but it helps me get excited about being on the treadmill.

Similarly, I have an audiobook for my weekend runs. This is usually the only time I’ll listen to it (unless I’m out of podcasts for the day) so it motivates me to find out what happens next. Currently, I’m listening to Circe by Madeline Miller.

Giving Myself A Post-Run Carrot

Sometimes, I just need to have something waiting for me after my run to get me pumped up to head out into the cold or onto the treadmill. Right now, it’s a lot of smoothie bowls (with mini chocolate chips), eggs and hashbrowns or warm baths.

Five Tips to Keep Motivated for Winter Running

It’s hard to get yourself motivated to run during the winter sometimes, whether you are staring down a snowy path or the treadmill. The bed is so nice and cozy while it’s cold, snowy and sometimes even dark outside. But you know you’ll feel just as great once you get done with your run, sometimes you just need a motivational boost. Check out these five tips for keeping your motivation up during the winter!

Give Yourself a Post-Run Carrot

Sometimes, I just need to have something waiting for me after my run to get me pumped up to head out into the cold. Whether it’s brunch out with a friend, a post-run sweet treat or just a warm bath, you know you are running for something even when the going gets tough (and cold).

Be Flexible with Pace and Mileage

Especially if you are mainly doing base mileage during the winter, don’t worry about getting slower or having to cut a run short based on what the weather is like outside. You’re still getting in a great workout even if it’s not as fast or long as you were hoping. And the thaw is coming soon!

Check out my tips (as a Minnesotan) for running in the winter.

Sign Up For a Race

Having a spring race is a great way to keep motivated for winter running, especially if you are like me in planning out your runs. It’s makes getting out in a Minnesota so much better if I know I’m working towards a big goal (especially last year when I was training for the Eau Claire Marathon). And right now, I’m really motivated to get out for some colder runs as I look towards a 10K race in early December!

Enjoy the Perks of Being a Badass Winter Runner

Whether you run outside in the winter or on the treadmill, you can still feel great about getting a run in while it’s cold (and maybe snowy) outside. You skipped the comfort of just staying in bed, got on workout clothes and pounded some miles. Go you!

Check out three workouts to help you get in some treadmill miles.

Buy Some Fun Gear

My winter running gear is full of fun colors that makes me feel great while also being comfortable on the run. It gives me a huge boost of confidence that I’m going to rock my run plus I’m usually wearing some previous race shirts that remind me of how hard I’m able to work towards a goal.

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Five tips for getting out the door and running in the morning

This week has been  hot in MInnesota and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to start cooling off a little. So I’ll be switching to some early morning runs next week to beat the heat! Today I want to share some of my tips for getting out the door for a run at 5 a.m.


Set multiple alarms (if needed)

I’m already used to waking up before 5 a.m. so I won’t be needing multiple alarms. But i might take a couple of alarms to wake you up if you aren’t used to it. Set multiple alarms and don’t hit that snooze button!

Put out clothes the night before

The last thing I want to try and do at 5 a.m. is grab clothes for a run. Setting them out the night before gives me one less thing to do in the morning and makes sure I’m not clashing (too badly).

Drink a glass of water before heading out

I won’t be eating before heading out on these runs but I’ll be having water before heading out. This helps me hydrate right away and gives me a moment to think and get motivated to run out the door.

Have a training calendar

I find it much easier to get out the door for a morning run if it’s something scheduled on my calendar. I won’t be training for a race after the Stillwater Half but I’ll still be putting a calendar together to keep me motivated.

Have breakfast waiting for you

I don’t like trying to eat before my 5 a.m. runs so I’m usually pretty hungry by the time I get home. Having something ready to make (or already made) when you get home helps you get food in quickly without stressing you out too much.

What gets you out the door? Share your tips in the comments!