What's my Reindeer Run 10K Playlist?

Today is the Reindeer Run 10K and I wanted to have some fun with my playlist. So of course, I pulled out all the Christmas music! And that means a bunch of songs from both the 1964 classic Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (the best Christmas movie no matter what my husband says) and Nightmare Before Christmas, along with a bunch of others. If you need some music for a December race or just want to listen to some Christmas music, check it out!

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What Am I Listening To On Speedwork Days?

Now that I have added speedwork runs back in, I had to create some new music playlists! Music is my preference for speedwork (especially for these 5 a.m. runs) since it pumps me up and helps me push myself. If you want to know what I’m listening to on pace runs, check out my post from Eau Claire Marathon training since I’m still using that playlist!

5K Pace Intervals

Nothing too special with this playlist, just some of my most motivating songs to get me running at around a 8:30 pace!


Tempo Run

Because I’m running when the light is low, I’m using my playlist to tell me when it’s time to switch from warm-up to acceleration to cooldown. After the Hamilton song finishes, I know it’s time to change up my pace!

Let me know in the comments your favorite songs for speedwork runs!


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What will I be listening to at the Stillwater Half Marathon?

Can you believe that my next race is just days away? I can’t because it was almost three weeks ago that I ran the Eau Claire Marathon and I’ll be running the Stillwater Half on Saturday. It’s going to be a hot day with highs in the 90s so I need to put a playlist together to help me push through the heat and hills. Enjoy!

What's on my playlist for the Eau Claire Marathon?

Eau Claire Marathon Playlist.jpg

Getting a playlist together for the Eau Claire Marathon was a little bit easier than for the Twin Cities Marathon. Mainly because I started out with my playlist for the Hot Dash 10 Mile and then added in some more music. Still, getting together a 5+ hour playlist (just to make sure I don’t hear the same song twice) was pretty hard. The good thing is that Google Music tells me if I’m adding a song that’s already in the playlist.

If you’ve seen my other playlists, a lot of these songs will seem pretty familiar. A lot of pop music and Hamilton. I’m pretty sure most of the Hamilton soundtrack and mixtape is on this playlist.

It’s all music that I know will push me on during the race. Unlike the Twin Cities Marathon, I’m not putting these songs in any specific order. They are all songs that will get me pumped up and across the finish line so I’m just trusting the playlist to give me what I need.