Cooking Under Pressure

As you could expect, we upgraded a lot of our kitchen things with the wedding. And it's made cooking so much better. But the thing that's made the biggest difference is our multicooker. It's replaced our slow and rice cookers, plus now we have a pressure cooker. It's just amazing to do so little work and have dinner on the table quickly, like 20 minutes for chicken without having to wait for the oven to pre-heat and everything. I'm a big fan of dump and cook meals, especially now with marathon training. The less steps I have to take, the less thinking I have to do, the better it is for me. Even making rice is so much easier (and faster) than on the stove top. And we are going through a ton of rice because it's the easiest way for me to increase my carb intake.

Before we got the multicooker, I usually planned for slow cooker meals on Tuesday so that dinner would be done when I got back from doing all the things I had to do. But now, I'm switching that to pressure cooker night. It just feels like the food taste better, especially since it doesn't sit on the warm feature for hours (because our old slow cooker didn't have a delay cook feature). And I don't get overly soggy vegetables that sometimes happened with the slow cooker.

This past Tuesday, I made a large amount of beef curry in the pressure cooker and it was amazing. I could brown the beef and saute the garlic and onions right in it, then set it for a couple of minutes to simmer under pressure. It was much more flavorful than curries I've made in the slow cooker and it was done a lot faster. I ended up using Instagram stories to show the process as I made dinner which was lots of fun. Look out for more of those!


What are some of your favorite pressure cooker recipes?