Weekly Workout Report: December 3-9

The first full week of December is over and I also ran my last race of 2018! It wasn’t my best week as I’ve been pretty tired lately but I got back to spin class and got all my runs done outside (in the cold). Let’s get into it!

Monday, December 3


It felt so good to be back at spin class after taking last week off! Class was tough but I got in a good sweat after my strength training session.

Tuesday, December 4

3 miles ~ 28:30 ~ 9:29 min/mile

I had to bring out my headlamp for tonight's run since sunset is at 4:30! Pushed myself a little bit harder on this run which I wasn't trying to do but my heart rate didn't get too high because of how cold it is.

Wednesday, December 5

3 miles ~ 29:54 ~ 9:56 min/mile


Another run in the snow after work and my last run until the Reindeer Run 10K. I'm super excited to get out and have fun at my last race of 2018!

Thursday, December 6

I was so exhausted by the time I got done with work, I only had the energy to get in some time on the elliptical. I tried getting in some bodyweight exercises but my form wasn’t great and I knew what my body needed was rest. So curling up in my blanket for the night was the plan!

Friday, December 7

Another vacation day so I got in a yoga class this morning! Trying to work out some stiffness before the Reindeer Run 10K tomorrow.

Saturday, December 8

6.2 miles ~ 1:00:28 ~ 9:44 min/mile

One last race of 2018! The Reindeer Run 10K was such a fun race even in the cold and I loved getting in one last race for the year. Check out the full race recap!

Sunday, December 9

5.5 miles ~ 53:58 ~ 9:47 min/mile

A nice, easy run after yesterday's race. The sun was out so even though it was cold, the run felt pretty good!

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