Oatmeal Runner Reviews....90 Degree Leggings by Reflex

I’m not a big online clothing shopper because I like to be able to try on clothes before buying. I like to know how the fabric feels and if it fits me correctly without having to deal with hassel of shipping stuff back for a return. But when the people in a fitness-related Facebook group were raving about the 90 Degree Leggings by Reflex on Amazon, I knew I had to check them out.

20180625_082944 (1).jpg

And they are my favorite pairs of leggings! I have three pairs of them and they are the most comfortable and flattering leggings I’ve owned. Plus they are at an awesome price point at around $20 per pair.

I’ve been working out in one pair of these leggings (my Reflex Blue ones) since December 2016 and they still look and feel the same as the day I ordered them. No signs of wear or pilling and they are still squat proof. I wash them the same as all my other workouts clothes, in one big load and then everything is hung to dry.


What types of workouts have I done in these leggings? Everything I do! Because they are a silky material that stops mid-calf on me, I don’t usually grab them for yoga. I did that once and it was hard for my foot to stay in tree pose because it was sliding down. But weights, running and spin class have all been fantastic in them!

One downside is they seem to attract pet fur like nothing I’ve ever seen but that’s just the material they are made of. My black pair is the worst for showing Vinnie’s fur but it’s also the small price you pay for having a loving animal in your house.

All three colors I own are squat proof (they don’t show through when bending over or squatting) but I also have only bought darker colors. They have some awesome lighter colors that I’d like to try in the future but haven’t. I’ve heard the lighter colors are less squat-proof but this might depend on your body type and how they fit you.

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June Faves

Just like that, the first month of summer is almost gone! Even though I haven’t been training for a race, it’s been another busy month between work, a vacation and life in general. But let’s get into some of my favorite things from this month!

June Faves Pinterest.jpg


I’ve been on a reading streak this month between audio and e-books. It’s been a month of finding books I love for sure and I’m hoping this continues. The books I’ve been reading or listening to this month have been:

  • Dirty Magic by Jaye Wells

  • Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Swan

  • Heartless by Marissa Meyer

  • Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie

Trail Running

Yes, trail running is popping up again. I cannot wait to get out for my next trail run. Until then, read about my first one and find out why I loved it so much!


Mike, Vinnie and I had so much fun hiking last weekend and we cannot wait to get out some more. Especially now that we have a Minnesota State Park sticker for the next year and there are so many great hikes within a couple hours of driving.

HamilKnit Hat

After having to re-knit my HamilKnit hat because it was too small, I finally finished it about a year after casting on the first one. It’s such a fun and easy knit (especially once I got into the main body) so now I’ve got to start on Mike’s since we are seeing Hamilton in early September!

Share your favorite things from June in the comments!

A New Appreciation for Yoga

Today is International Yoga Day and I wanted to share a newly found appreciation for yoga. During marathon training, I loved how yoga was a good stretch and way to keep somewhat active on a rest day. But now that I’m not training for a race, I’m noticing the mental benefits of yoga more and more.

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I’ve been moving towards toward more slower paced yoga videos that are focused on holding positions and breathing. And I’ve noticed I feel much more relaxed after my yoga sessions and my mood is improved. My whole entire body feels lighter and less tense from even a short 20 minute video.

On a day to day basis, I’m not feeling as stressed or anxious, which might be in part because I’m not training as hard so my body is under as much stress. But I think it’s because I’m also focusing more on mindfulness through my daily meditations and weekly yoga sessions. I’m much more aware of how my body feels under stress and also breathing practices to help calm me down during the day.

Two videos from Yoga with Adriene I’ve been using to enjoy these mental benefits are Self Love Yoga and Introduction to Yin Yoga. Try them out if you want to switch your yoga focus jst from to just stretching to mental awareness!

30 Things I've Learned About Life and Fitness in 30 Years

Today is my my birthday and I’m leaping out of my 20s and into my 30s! Where does the time go? Mike and I first met six years (in a month) which seems crazy.

But one of the biggest impacts on my life has been getting into fitness (and running especially). My life would be totally different if I never got my gym membership, never finished Couch to 5K.

30 Things I've Learned About Life and Fitness in 30 Years Pinterest.jpg

So today I’m sharing a quick list of 30 things I’ve learned about life and fitness in 30 years.

  1. The only person stopping you is you.

  2. Practice makes perfection.

  3. Finding your community makes everything better.

  4. Variety is the spice of life.

  5. Make time for quiet.

  6. Stop worrying about the weight.

  7. All relationships go through phases.

  8. Creating an exercise habit makes it impossible to go back.

  9. Never stop learning.

  10. Set better defaults.

  11. Fruits and vegetables really do make you feel better.

  12. Never stop challenging yourself.

  13. Exercise your brain.

  14. You can never be 100% perfect.

  15. Ditch the excuses.

  16. My body is so powerful and more capable of things than I had ever thought.

  17. Believe in yourself.

  18. Let the success of others fuel you.

  19. There’s no better feeling than strength.

  20. Some days are going to be hard.

  21. More does always mean better.

  22. It’s what you do when it gets hard that counts the most.

  23. Rest days are there for a reason.

  24. Make time for the important things.

  25. Find ways to include others.

  26. Fitness is a long term investment.

  27. You learn more about yourself from taking on a tough challenge than reading personal development books.

  28. Life is a marathon, not a sprint.

  29. Do things that make you happy and fight for those things.

  30. Celebrate everything!


Spring 2018 Round Up

Even though we are eleven days away from the first official day of summer, Minnesota has been in summer-like weather for the last couple of weeks. So let’s take a look at the top five post on Oatmeal Runner from this spring!

Best of Spring 2018 Pinterest.jpg

Five Things I’m Doing Differently for my Second Marathon: What things did I cut out or add in while training for the Eau Claire Marathon?

How Do I Recover After a Long Run During Marathon Training: How I recovered after an awesome 19 mile run (food, foam rolling and napping).

Five Tips for Getting out the Door and Running in the Morning: the tips I’m using to get me out the door for my 5 a.m. runs during the work week!

Should You Run A Marathon?: 13 reasons why running a marathon might not be a good idea for you right now.

Training Tip Tuesday #16: Doing a Long Run on the Treadmill: After running 20 miles on a treadmill due to a blizzard, I wanted to share what made that time a little bit easier and go by faster.

You can tell I was in the midst of marathon training this spring, four of those posts are all marathon related!

Want to see something on Oatmeal Runner this summer? Let me know in the comments.