Weekly Running Report May 28 - June 3

I just finished my first week of non-race training. It’s been a busy week getting back to work after a long weekend and it was so helpful to already have a plan for the week. Let’s get into it!

Weekly Running Report May 28 - June 3 Pinterest.jpg

Monday, May 28


Since it was Memorial Day, LA Fitness had shorter hours and there was no spin class scheduled. I got in a morning workout instead, split between weights at the apartment gym and cardio at LA Fitness. The things I do to make sure I get 8 visits to LA Fitness and my health insurance discount!

Tuesday, May 29

4 miles ~ 42:16 ~ 10:33 min/mile


5 a.m. and it was already in the 70s and humid. I ran in just a sports bra and shorts for the first time this year which felt so much better than a soggy tank top. I went out a little fast at the beginning and slowed down towards the end. Just have got to even out my pacing while I get used to running first thing.

Wednesday, May 30

3 miles ~ 31:30 ~ 10:24 min/mile

Temperatures finally dropped here because of storms rolling through. I ran on the treadmill at LA Fitness to get in the last visit needed for my discount and it felt pretty good. I had a little pain in my shin when I started out but it went away quickly and hasn’t come back yet.

Thursday, May 31

4 miles ~ 42:57 ~ 10:42 min/mile

Back to a 5 a.m. run but it was 10 degrees cooler than Tuesday’s and foggy! Luckily, I only have to cross a road once at a stoplight and there’s no traffic at 5 a.m. Slowed my pace but I also had almost spot-on even splits (first mile was a little bit slower but last three were even).

Friday, June 1

Fridays are my favorite during the summer since I’m only working until 2:00 p.m.! Vinnie came with me to work too so we got plenty of steps in which was great because I’ve upped my daily step goal to 15,000. I also did Yoga for Relaxation which was just what I needed.

Saturday, June 2

8 miles ~ 1:22:30 ~ 10:18 min/mile

An early morning run to kick off a busy weekend! I put Vinnie into the bedroom with Mike to sleep some more and I left to run at  6 a.m. This was my best feeling run in a long run time, so much better than last week’s half marathon. I only had two miles over a 10:20 split, my first mile was 10:31 and then I had a 10:55 mile because I didn’t stop my watch while taking a picture of a snapping turtle I found.

Sunday, June 3

3.5 miles ~ 36:34 ~ 10:25 min/mile


Unlike Saturday’s run, Sunday’s wasn’t that great. My pace felt easy but I started feeling nauseous part way through and decided to turn back home. The feeling didn’t last too long after I stopped which is good. I feel a lot less guilty about cutting my run short now that I’m not training for a race. It’s all about listening to what my body needs.

How was your last week of running? Let me know in the comments!