Getting Back Into Running

After 12 weeks of not running, I am back at it! It’s so strange coming back to running and feeling like I’m almost back at square one. I have more endurance than I did when I started running in 2014 but it’s nothing like I’m used to. So I’m taking it one mile at a time as I get back into running.

So far, I’ve done four runs which have felt good but I’ve found out a couple of things. For one, it feels so strange to be running without the bump! I was running for so long while pregnant that I have to remember how it feels to run again with my center of gravity changing again. I also feel like I have retrain my legs muscles to how running feels (and how being used for exercise feels, which strength training will definitely help with).

Another thing is that getting back to running in hot weather really sucks. It’s been 80+ on my runs since I’m running when Mike gets home from work in the afternoon. My first run, I just tried to go as far as I could without stopping (I did end up walking and feeling gassed out because I pushed too hard in the heat). So going forward, I’m doing run/walk intervals (of 8 minutes running and 30 seconds walking) and just going for 1-2 miles at a time. But I’m so looking forward to cooler weather hopefully coming soon to stay!

I’m getting back into strength training too, which is going to help running feel better and easier (plus prevent injuries). It’s something I didn’t do when I started out running and it’s amazing I didn’t get hurt. Just like with running, I’m having to really pay attention to my form and how everything feels after being pregnant and then just walking for 12 weeks. It’s also getting me back to using our gym membership to get our insurance discount (even though I had major guilt the first time I went to workout and left Oliver alone with Mike).

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